Blog #3 The University of Wyoming Sports

University of Wyoming Sports: Football & Rodeo

In the small town of Laramie, at the Wyoming the University of Wyoming sports play a huge part in the student athletes lives. These student athletes have thrived on their sport since they could ever remember.

Wyoming Rodeo: The Merritt Brothers 

The Merritt brothers represent the University of Wyoming this year for the UW Rodeo team. Kade and Reed are teamed up with a goal to win the College National Finals Rodeo in team roping. They both also participate in the individual event calf roping on top of team roping.

Kade is in his fifth year of undergraduate school here at Wyoming. He is using his fourth year of eligibility up with his dream of winning the CNFR in June of 2014 near in sight. Kade has brought home third place finish at the CNFR in team roping in 2012. That isn’t enough for this Merritt boy and is headed in the right direction to become the 2014 CNFR Champion Header. Younger brother, Reed, is in his second year of undergraduate school at the University of Wyoming. He is using his second year of eligibility hoping for that first place at the CNFR with his brother Kade.

These boys have been roping ever since they could ride a horse. The Merritt brothers have spent thousands of hours practicing and competing. It clearly shows when they participate at a competition. The Merritt boys have won several ropings together. They have won: High Plain Regional Finals, Rappels Jackpot, Wrangler Roping. In each winning they each won two saddles, each one buckle and money. All of these long hours practicing and traveling across the country will hopefully pay off the summer of 2014 at the College National Finals Rodeo as they rope together for the first time at college rodeos.



Kade and Reed Merritt pictured after finishing first at the

High Plains Region Finals in September of 2013.

Riding and Roping: The Merritt’s Journey in Rodeo

The Merritt brothers were born and raised in a small town in Eaton, Colorado right outside of Greeley. They both started riding and roping at the age of 9. Since then they have been involved in many associations as well as roping’s.

Kade was involved in Wyoming High School Rodeo from 2006-2009. During these four years of high school he qualified for High School Rodeo finals in 2008 and 2009. In college he won the region for team roping in 2012. At the CNFR he finished third. He has been on scholarship for five years now. Kade stated:

The competition is the best part about rodeo. My adrenaline rush is insane seconds before each event. My dream would be to end up first place in the average at the CNFR. It would be the biggest accomplishment in my life. Winning the CNFR would be the greatest feeling in the world knowing all my hard work has paid off. I wouldn’t trade my life or the love for this sport for anything.

Reed was involved in Wyoming High School Rodeo from 2009-2012. In 2011 and 2012 he was reserve champion in calf roping as well as team roping. His freshman and currently his sophomore year of college he has been on scholarship. Reed stated:

The best part about rodeo is competing with the competitors. A great part about rodeo is meeting an entire new group of people in our region. Family is also has been a huge impact on my life and rodeo. It is a family tradition to ride and rope. I have two goals to reach in the future. I want to win at the CNFR with my brother, and I would love to rope at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

For more information about how the Merritt boys compete in the future visit:

Wyoming Football: Tedder Easton

Tedder Easton is a senior at the University of Wyoming. He is going into his fifth year of college and football as he redshirted his freshman year of college.

Easton was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri. He began playing football in third grade and played until fifth grade. Tedder then took a break from football and took it up again his freshman year of high school. Easton’s college career included lettering his junior year of college as well as competing in two New Mexico Bowl Games.

Tedder said, “The best part about being involved with the University of Wyoming’s football team is being around his teammates. They are my family and support system, and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

For more information about Tedder Easton and the University of Wyoming Football visit:



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