Blog #4 Creative Devices of Photography


Dugan Tomzcak messing around on the farm.


This picture I took back home at my friends house. This picture is an example of balancing element to me. It is a great example of balancing element, because my main subject is off center. I found this interesting, because I didn’t take this picture on purpose for this class. It perfectly fit a balancing element photograph. Another creative device this picture could be considered as focus as well.



Team Roping in the Backyard


This picture was taken at my friends parents house. They have an out door arena at their house. These boys practice roping everyday, and I happen to catch them at a perfect moment lined up getting ready to team rope. This picture in my eyes would be considered a leading lines photograph. I would also consider this picture as symmetry and pattern.


Kyle Herders backyard view.

This photo was taken at my friend Kyle Herders parents lake house. This view is literally his back yard. I would consider this picture a contrast photograph. It clearly shows the difference between the lights and the darks. The sun shines perfectly through the trees, but also has a neat shadow on the ground from the trees. I also happened to capture Herder looking out on the lake.


Seth Dvorak playing games while the rest work.

Seth, my little brother, is sitting in the combine wheel playing games on his phone while waiting for our uncle and father to finish servicing the combines for corn harvest. I didn’t know if this photography was going to turn out or not, but it is a perfect picture for framing. This photograph focuses on the viewers attention upon the subject. It could also be considered a viewpoint photograph Dvorak and the wheel are the main focus.


Kyle Herder hitting some ramps on his parents lake.



Herder is riding some rails in his back yard on the last couple days of summer. This picture to me create depth. You can see the wake from the boat as well as the entire rail and shore in the background. This photo shows Herder successfully getting on the ramp with a great landscape around him.

Throughout this assignment I found out the real reason why Dr. Landreville made a guideline of taking at least one hundred pictures. It is difficult to get the right picture for the right creative device in just a couple pictures. You most definitely have to take several to get the perfect photograph. It was also hard to think of the right set up to match the particular creative device. I am extremely picky when it comes to pictures, so I wish I could have been more creative with my ideas and put more thought into my ideas of pictures.

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