Blog #5 Photojournalism


UW rodeo team practicing team roping before their rodeo in Lamar.

I have always watched rodeos growing up in the panhandle of Nebraska. I have known previous athletes on the UW rodeo team and know where they practice. I went out to their practice on Thursday well aware they’d be practicing before they head south to Lamar’s event that began on Friday. I thought I was way going to be extremely uncomfortable taking pictures at this practice, but I was completely fine. I felt like I was invisible. It was a little difficult to get the right angle of team roping, because they don’t have a specific direction that they face. I think I would have had more fun if I had a better picture and had the right angle. I sat on the gate on the end of the arena and tried to get level with the horse and the ropers.


Kyle Herder about to jump over a tree branch.

I am obsessed with wake boarding and love watching people who are expert level boarders. I am always taking pictures out on the lake. While taking pictures I was comfortable and didn’t feel out of place, because I have always taken pictures out on the water while someone is participating in a water sport. It was pretty easy to get this shot. I had to edit it by brightening the picture up a little so you could see the purpose of the picture. While taking this picture I was excited to see the outcome of the picture. I made sure to sit at the end of the boat so I could get as close as possible to get the right angle. If I had a better camera I would have been able to get the snapshot of him jumping over the tree branch.


Wakeboarder, Kyle Herder, getting onto the railing.

This is another picture of Herder wake boarding, but this time he is just getting onto the railing. I took several pictures and decided to use pictures from different ramps, railings, and situations. It is hard to take pictures of this sport, because I want to be looking up and watch the tricks and moves he uses but I have to keep focus on my camera so I don’t miss the opportunity of a great shot. Besides that, it is pretty easy to get this shot. I once again just sat at the end of the boat and made sure to get the lake, most of the railing, and a person watching the scene take place.


Kyle Herder about to land a railing and jump while wakeboarding.

This is my last sports picture, and one of my favorites. Herder is about to land the railing and jump while keeping perfect balance and one handing with the rope to land. This was an extremely hard picture to capture with an iPhone. It is hard to get the last second shot of the end of a jump with this particular device. I was so excited while taking this picture, and couldn’t wait to see the results. My creative device would be waiting using depth and waiting for the very last second possible with the iPhone to take this picture crossing my fingers it was going to turn out.


Cooling off in a river at a rest stop.

This picture I used for my non sport photograph. I have no idea who this man is which makes it even more funny. My friends and I stopped at a rest stop in Colorado on a pretty warm day for October. The rest stop happened to be on a river. As I was walking out of the restroom I look over from hearing splashing sounds, and I see a man cooling off in the river. I don’t even know if he saw me capture this picture, but it turned out pretty cool. He is soaking wet and enjoying every splash of water hitting him. You can see the drops of water in the air, the man squinting and turning away and his arms up in the air from throwing water up onto himself. It was a pretty easy shot to get. It was in wide open spaces and I knew I’d never see him again, which made me completely comfortable taking this picture. I got the framing creative device in this picture. I have the background of mountains, trees and a bridge, as well the river and the man cooling off in it.

The one thing that surprised me about this assignment was that I was way more comfortable taking these pictures that I thought I was going to be. I was really nervous about taking these pictures, and didn’t know if they were going to turn out or not. I wish I would have had a better angle on the team roping but you never know. If I learned anything it would be that any angle of team roping is a good angle. Also, I wish I had a better camera because the pictures may have turned out better as well as taking the pictures at different moments. But overall I enjoyed this assignment and thought it turned out pretty well.

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