Blog #8: Soundslide Project~University of Wyoming Rodeo

This project is called SoundSlide Project. Throughout this assignment the goal was to collect audio and pictures to create basically a powerpoint. The purpose of this assignment was to learn how to combine audio with pictures on the SoundSlide program. Using this program will help hopefully help is in the future for other classes or in our career.

My partner was Carolyn Hageman. Carolyn is a great person and friend. She offered to always help and was easy to work with. Because of this, it helped make this project go by quick and smooth. She was a great help and partner, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. While taking pictures, we both felt awkward taking pictures at a practice of random people. But the more we took pictures, we got over it and didn’t even realizing it. I had a great time while recording the interviewees. They were both more than willing to work with us, meet us at any time and were very outgoing which made the interview process easy. When it came to editing the audio it took five minutes top, because Wyatt and Cassie did such a great job with responses.

I have no experience before this with SoundSlide. Carolyn and I used Garage Band and iMovie on my MacBook Pro. Both of these programs are so high tech it didn’t take much editing and work from our side. We got to class on Thursday morning and realized Dr. Landreville wanted us to use SoundSlide. As we tried to transition from all our work that was completed from Garage Band and iMovie, it was frustrating. It took time and patients trying to get all our audio and pictures on to the SoundSlide. Once we figured out all of that, putting together our project together for the second time on a different program SoundSlide it was pretty easy.

There were absolutely no problems until we had convert and move the audio and pictures into SoundSlide. We ran into converting problems, and opening files in SoundSlide. After those problems were solved it came together great.

I wouldn’t change anything in this project. I had a great time working on this project, and also had a great partner to work with. I think Carolyn and I were both excited and happy about the way the project turned out.

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