Blog Post #10 Video Storytelling Project

The video storytelling project Carolyn and I did was on the 2013 University of Wyoming Bred Heifer sale that was held at the University of Wyoming Indoor Hansen Arena. This sale is put on by UW students once a year. We interviewed two people: Austin Buzanowski and Maxine Harris. Buzanowski is the Sale Coordinator and Harris is a Sale Volunteer.

I enjoyed attending this event, because it is not a typical event I would attend. It was a great experience. I grew up on a farm when I was younger, so this hit home to me and it was a familiar atmosphere that I haven’t been around in a long time. I also enjoyed this event because I knew what was going on and was not completely lost and confused. Because of that, I never really got bored. It was entertaining and I had a good time. I ran into several friends that were either volunteer working or just there to watch and observe. There really wasn’t any part of this experience I didn’t enjoy, except that it was freezing in that building.

I was mostly surprised with how great of a job the University of Wyoming students did with putting this entire sale together and how well it ran. I was completely impressed. I would have never known a group of students put on this sale. Because of these students running the show, Carolyn and I had a great opportunity to interview two of the students that had a huge impact on the sale. They did a great job with giving us feedback in the interview that worked perfectly into our project. Putting our project together in iMovie was extremely easy and was a smooth and quick process. There really isn’t anything I would have done differently.

I could possibly see myself using video in my future. I am not the greatest at collecting and gathering video and interviews, but I do love editing. Technology comes easy to me and I really don’t struggle with technology. Because of that, using iMovie to create a video is a hobby of mine. I doubt I go into Video Storytelling as a career, but if in my career I need to do a editing project I would know how to do it thanks to thins class.

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