Blog Post #9 Live Tweeting Project

This assignment was completely revolved around the “big” type of social media, Twitter. In this assignment we had to do ten live tweets including a picture/video and interviews. The event I attended was the University of Wyoming Men’s Basketball game on December 2, 2013 in Laramie, Wyoming at the Arena Auditorium. Throughout this great game against the Black Hills State Hornets, I live tweeted. I also got a chance to take a picture and use it in a tweet from the game. After the game, I had access to catch an interview with head coach Larry Shyatt.

I enjoyed being able to experience live tweeting from an event. When I use twitter as a personal account, it is hardly live tweeting from an event. So that was a new experience for me. The only thing I didn’t enjoy doing was having to remember to write down a tweet throughout the entire game. I love sports, so I get sucked into the game and forgot to tweet at times.

I learned that it is most definitely a multi-tasking job. You have to pay attention to details in the game as well as creating a tweet without getting side-tracked. The thing that surprised me the most, is how side-tracked you can get during an event without even noticing how involved you are observing the event. There really isn’t anything I would have done differently.

I would only use twitter for personal use. So I would have to say I can’t see myself using twitter for a future career. I wasn’t  a big fan of tweeting informative tweets. I would much rather sit and watch the game instead of having to tweet as well. But if I happen to get a job that requires the use of social media, I would definitely use it. Thanks to this class I know the proper way to use several types of social media.


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